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Become a Cambridge DELTA Certified Teacher today!

Advance your teaching career with a reputable qualification.

DELTA is a globally-recognised, advanced qualification for experienced English language teachers – accredited by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge. It takes serious dedication, passion and a commitment to continued professional development, which is why the qualification is so highly-regarded across the world and attractive to educational institutions in the field.

There are three modules you must pass to be DELTA-qualified. Module 1 concentrates on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching.

Although the course is part-time, it is very intensive. You should ensure that you have the strength, space and mental capacity to take on the challenge. For Module 1, you do not need to have a current class, although it can help you make sense of some of the theories or allow you to put certain hypotheses to the test if you do.

Minimum age


Minimum language level

Proficient C1

Entry requirements

CELTA qualification (or equivalent)

2-3 years of teaching experience

Student-to-tutor ratio
(depending on course size)

approx. 6:1

Course dates

4 September 2023 - 1 December 2023



Course fee & Registration fee

£1030 & £120

Exam fees


Course overview


On this course, you will:

  • Develop your awareness of theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching

  • Develop your knowledge of different ELT teaching approaches and methodologies, including emerging developments

  • Understand language systems and skills in their contexts of use

  • Identify learners’ problems in developing language and skills proficiency

  • Critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and resources in a range of ELT contexts

  • Understand the role and methods of assessment

Study Tasks


Engage in your learning!

Our highly-experienced DELTA tutors and assessors will support you through a series of online tasks that have been designed to develop your knowledge, encourage reflection, and have constant interaction through personal tutor feedback and peer exchange with other trainees. Through varied tasks, sometimes in groups, you will cover:

  • Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching

  • Different approaches and methodologies including current developments

  • Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems

  • Language skills and learners’ problems

  • Resources, materials, and reference sources for language learning

  • Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

Though you will be expected to read and complete tasks independently, our Module 1 (Online) is a fully-tutored and comprehensive learning experience and will not simply rely on self-study with occasional guidance.

Exam Practice


Practice makes perfect.

Each week, you will have dedicated time to prepare and practise exam tasks. This is an excellent indicator that will inform our regular discussions with you about your areas of strength and areas where your exam performance needs particular focus. You will receive individual, constructive and useful feedback from our most experienced DELTA tutors.

This way, we can ensure you always have clear and relevant objectives throughout the course, and ultimately have the best chance of success when sitting the exam.

Sample timetable


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